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CAMILLA - Round Neck Kaftan


The classic CAMILLA silhouette springs to life with feel of the Amalfi Coastline - if we cannot travel there, then lets dress like we are there!! Round Neck Kaftan is an effortlessly easy piece to style. We wear this piece back with statement sandals on balmy summer nights.

- Round Neck Kaftan
- Inspired by a femininity and rebellion
- Silk kaftan
- Digitally printed silk
- Mosaic inspired print
- Multi-wear design
- Crystal embellishment
- Round neckline
- Relaxed fit



SUGGESTIONS FROM CINT: How good is a CAMILLA Kaftan!!?? Did you know that you can style these about 6 different ways....just ask us!! My favourite way to wear a kaftan is the strapless dress style, or even a long skirt back with a simple singlet. If you are planning a weekend away, this will definitely serve you well. 

SIZE GUIDE  This Kaftan is a ONE SIZE fit.