GOLDFIELD & BANKS - Botanical Series Luxury Sample Collection 3 X 2ML


Experience the art and science of Australian perfumery with our Botanical Series Luxury Sample Collection. Enchant your senses and treat yourself or your friends with 3 x 2ml perfume sprays, spray cards, and a Botanical Series booklet.

All you need to create your personal perfumery, plus a $20 Gift Code* with each Luxury Sample Collection purchase to use on our online store.

Reminiscent of botanist Joseph Banks’ first voyage to Australia in 1770, where he encountered species formerly unknown to science, the Botanical Series from Goldfield & Banks expresses a luxurious and unexpected olfactive story.

With sustainability at its heart, this series showcases Australia’s world-leading expertise in high-grade botanical cultivation and extraction. Each perfume’s seductively distinct scent embodies the wild beauty of this country and the alluring richness of Australia’s gold.

We also have a set of Native Collection perfume samples available. 

*Gift codes applicable only on purchases of 100ml perfumes. Cannot be combined with other offers, and only one code can be used per order. If you purchase this set at in the same order as a Discovery Sample Collection (our set of Native Collection samples), you will instead receive a single $40 discount code. 

Included perfume samples from our Botanical Series: 



To a modern sillage of suede, exotic vanilla and smoky tobacco leaves, Goldfield & Banks has added refined essences of saffron, incense, ylang ylang and native sandalwood. 



An olfactory imagination expressing the scent of aromatic fields of sunburnt lavender, where blossoms are crisped by the fierce heat of the sun. Paired with the scent of rust-coloured saddles, this sensual perfume reveals a distinctively rich and dry sillage. 


Carnal and bountiful, Island Lush is a sumptuous perfume with a heart of modern woods. A wind of exoticism transports you on a journey to islands beyond the horizon, where radiant spices, powdery orris, vegetal roots and luscious resins envelop smooth wood species.