SILK & STEEL - The Sorrento Scarf WHITE/BLACK


Introducing the Silk & Steel Signature Scarf, an accessory of elegance where black and white tones merge seamlessly with our iconic S logo and delicate chain detail.

Elevate your style by draping it around your neck or wrist, and layering with your favourite Silk & Steel jewellery. This accessory offers endless possibilities – wear it as a tie, a bracelet, or a creative accent. It's more than an accessory; it's a symbol of refined taste that allows you to elevate your story.

Comes in our signature black Silk & Steel pouch.

Description - Made from 100% pure silk twill, in Silk & Steel classic colours, black and white. Printed with our signature S logo and chain detail motif
Composition - 100% silk twill
Measurement - 52cm x 52cm