GOLDFIELD & BANKS - White Sandalwood 100ml


A sophisticated scent that is at once both exotic and richly enveloping. White sandalwood and amber provide a comforting base, while saffron, pepper and thyme cast an exotic dry heat, tempered by a heart of sweet powdery Turkish rose. Delightful, comforting and elegant.

Concentration: Perfume

All our perfumes have a concentration of + 20% essences and are tested under extreme humid weather conditions.


  • Australian White Sandalwood
  • Thyme Morocco
  • Amber
  • Rose Turkey
  • Pepper Comoros Islands
  • Saffron Spain


  • Woody
  • Spicy
  • Ambery
  • Herbal

Perfumer: François Merle-Baudoin

Origin Sandalwood: Kununurra - Western Australia

White Sandalwood is cruelty free & vegan. 


All perfumes are gift wrapped in an elegant Goldfield & Banks cotton pouch. 


*Due to changing regulations around perfume ingredients, White Sandalwood has recently been reformulated. Its woody and spicy notes now take centre stage, while the rose note is more subtle. To make sure you are satisfied, we will add a complimentary White Sandalwood sample to every 100ml order of this perfume so you can test the current version before opening the box. If it doesn't suit your taste, feel free to contact us to return your sealed perfume.