GOLDFIELD & BANKS - Southern Bloom 100ml


Southern Bloom honours the rare and enchanting native scented flower, the Boronia during its short September ‘spring-bloom’, on Australia’s southernmost island, Bruny off the coast of Tasmania.

The absolute of boronia is distinctive and one of the most expensive perfume materials in the world.

An immediately lavish, pure and sensational floral-woody fragrance, with a smooth, velvety sensation and glimpses of exquisite green notes combined with red coloured fruity notes. Opulent, feminine, sophisticated and intensely luxurious.

Concentration: Perfume

All our perfumes have a concentration of + 20% essences and are tested under extreme humid weather conditions.

The colour of this perfume may vary depending on the harvest year and extraction of the boronia essential oil. 


  • Boronia Absolute Tasmania
  • Jasmine Sambac India
  • Cassis France
  • Sandalwood Australia
  • Vetiver Indonesia
  • Ylang Ylang Madagascar
  • Coconut Accord
  • Iris Italy


  • Floral
  • Creamy
  • Pure
  • Exotic
  • Opulent

Perfumer: François Merle-Baudoin 

Origin Boronia Flower: Tasmania 

Note: Due to variations in weather conditions and constant changes in nutritional components in the soil, the colour of essential oils after distillation may vary from time to time and influence the colour of your perfume.

Southern Bloom is cruelty free & vegan.


All perfumes are gift wrapped in an elegant Goldfield & Banks cotton pouch.